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Child of the Tower

"....[H]e grew up here. Roaming the tower and battlements with the other children. All mostly bored from all adults having their own fun upstairs."
 - Polish Community of Nuremberg 

I can recall how often I was forced to attend the Krakow-Tower in Nuremberg. We were the children of Polish immigrants that came ere in the 1980s. Our parents often organized events related to Polish art and culture in a tower within the premise of the old city. While the adults would enjoy themselves in the upper levels of the tower, the children were left to tend for themselves.

Nothing to do, we would traverse the old battlements. Speaking a mixture of Polish and German, we invented our own amusement. I can still remember the dusty hallways, damp smell, and the tight winding corridors.

The parents were always active there and kept to themselves in the small community. And the children grew up knowing of our strange origins which became the primary influences of our adult lives. This was the beginning of many exhibitions I would attend throughout my life. I would travel more and more to other countries to exhibitions related to this strange community. It became a normal habit to leave early mornings and begin a long journey to where ever there was another event.

I would aid setting up the artwork, arranging the food, and meet curious new personalities. The event would unfold with speeches of known members and then begin the usual festivities surrounded by art. Still remaining vivid in my memories to this day.